Friday, January 19th, 2018

Breaking news: Somali Senator Call On President To Resign

Hussein Sheikh Mohamed who is one of Somali’s upper house members called the Somali president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo to resign his post since he failed to protect attacks against officials of the government and local politicians.

The senator who spoke Radio Simba in Mogadishu told that the responsibility of the country will be accountable on his administration as within this month two illegal attacks carryout those against politicians and governmental officials.

Yesterday masked men who appeared to be members of the Somali security forces raided the house of a powerful Somali senator on Saturday, but the government initially said it did not know who they were, fuelling political tensions.

Earlier this month, security forces killed five people in a raid on the home of a powerful opposition leader perceived to be close to the UAE. Officials accused him of trying to overthrow the government. The raid exacerbated tensions between some of Somalia’s powerful clans; the opposition leader was released although a court case against him continues.

40 soldiers who had been trained by the UAE had been arrested for the attack includes two intelligence officials.

Mogadishu- Somalia

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